Throughout communities across the USA, our Chaplains are making a difference. 

C4 – Fellowship Service for our heroes and their family. This unique way of church caters to the lifestyle of our Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, 911 Operators, EMT’s, Military, Veterans and their families. We know these are men and women who are called to “serve and protect” and it is a lifestyle that affects the whole family. Our Chaplains are trained to work with their needs. 

The Chaplain Center: Chaplain-led appointments to assist with marriage, individual, PTSD, and other issues; for those who need someone to actively listen and help them find healing. It is FREE to all our heroes and their family. A sliding fee is for anyone outside this lifestyle.  DURING COVID ALL APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS ARE FREE!

Our Chaplains also serve in Law Enforcement agencies, Fire & Rescue, First Responders, schools, corporations, Veteran organizations, hospitals, HOSPICE, various community and national organizations. WFMChaplains partners with outside organizations too.