How to Become a Chaplain

The first step is to attend a Basic Chaplain’s Training. This initial training is a 3-day intensive school that covers an overview of what makes a Chaplain. You will leave with the tools to start you in this calling.

The next step is to fill out your application and send it in. 

Who can be a Chaplain? Anyone who is called to be a Chaplain.

  • Do you feel called to serve people in need? In crisis?
  • Do you feel called to minister to ALL people regardless of race, religion or age?
  • Do you feel called to share the love of Christ with others? Chaplains serve in all walks of life: Hospitals, HOSPICE, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Military, Workforce, Corporations, Veterans, and so much more. Everywhere you step there is a need.

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