Professional Counselors & Mental Health Coaches

Removing The Stigma To Seek Help

Having someone to talk too and share concerns, hurts, fear and all the other emotions that go along with veterans, law enforcement, first responders and their families is not an unfamiliar scenario these days. With mental health being the fastest and biggest health issue these days, we provide a part of the healing process. 

  • State Board Licensed Counselors
  • Certified Mental Health Coaches
  • CISM Debriefings
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Marriage
  • Fully Confidential
  • Nutritionist
  • Some Locations: Massage Therapist and Rec Therapist

Ages 12 years & up

Don’t wait. For Appointments Call 910.769.2490 or email for In Person or Telehealth anywhere in the USA.

Serving Our

Law Enforcement ~ Fire/EMS ~ Dispatch ~ Veteran ~ Military ~ Healthcare ~Communities ~ Families ~ Individuals ~ Couples